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Blue Orchid Marketing is an automated marketing system that allows you to grow your business by increasing your communications to current and past clients, as well as prospective new clients and patients. This allows you to market to an ever-growing database of contacts, insuring you get repeat business from your past clients and new business from prospective clients. Automated database marketing is the secret to growing your practice. And the sky is the limit. You can achieve all of your goals to grow your business, add an associate, add another location, work fewer hours, retire early…whatever your dream, you can achieve it by growing your business.

You may ask why you need to automate? Why can’t you do traditional direct marketing efforts and have your office staff follow up with people as needed?

Well, you can, but it only works on a small scale or it doesn’t work at all. The truth is, your staff is fully allocated already. They can’t handle one more thing. The thing that doesn’t get done each day is your marketing. Or maybe you are experiencing frequent staff turnover. It happens. And your marketing efforts grind to a halt.

With Blue Orchid Marketing’s automated database marketing system, your marketing communications will happen every day. It will become an integral part of your business or practice. How many times have you heard people say they would have been in to see you but they couldn’t remember your name? The truth is this is not unusual. We all are bombarded by messages and ads thousands of times a day. We store a lot of information in our brains and our recall memory is on overload. Research has shown that you must communicate at least six times with an individual before they remember your name.

What are you doing to stay in touch with your clients or patients? Do you keep in touch monthly with a newsletter, tip sheet, news alert, or other helpful, educational material? If you don’t do anything to keep in touch, your name will not be in their recall memory. You want to be top of mind so people can refer you to others, so they can remember to come back in to see you. And you want to be top of mind with prospects so they are only thinking of you when they are ready to make a call for an appointment.

Blue Orchid Marketing will be the back end system to your web site. ANY time someone comes to your site and asks for information or for educational material you offer on your site, their contact name and address will drop into your Blue Orchid Marketing database. They will automatically get picked up by your Blue Orchid Marketing system and placed into a mailing campaign.

If you’re serious about growing your business and taking your practice to new heights, join the other doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, podiatrists, dentists, insurance agents, architects, consultants, and other small business owners and entrepreneurs who have discovered Blue Orchid Marketing and seen their business explode.