9 Bewitching Ideas for a Halloween-Themed Blog

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October 4, 2019
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October 15, 2019
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9 Bewitching Ideas for a Halloween-Themed Blog

Let’s face it, Halloween is a child’s favorite holiday. When else can you pretend to be anyone and anything you want, stay up late and eat as much candy as you want?

Halloween is also a fun theme to boost your blog content. This month, take a break from technical and educational subjects and create one blog for fun.

Here are our top 9 ideas:

  1. Add color. It can be something as easy as a pumpkin-orange background or a spray of fall-colored leaves.
  2. Introduce your team. Have your staff wear costumes and identify them in the photo. Ask for costumed reader photos.
  3. Sponsor a contest. How about “Dress up your pet”? Ask your team to contribute photos of their pets in costume and nudge readers to add their own.
  4. Share a Halloween memory. Here’s where your staff can help again: Ask them for their favorite Halloween from the past and invite readers to share theirs.
  5. Incorporate Halloween into your topic. For example, write about Halloween safety. A podiatrist could caution patients about safe footwear for trick-or-treating and a dentist can warn parents about the effects that candy has on the teeth. How about “How zombies keep their teeth clean”?
  6. Write a blog about Halloween-themed parties. You can find lots of ideas just by doing a web search.
  7. Hold a jack-o-lantern contest. Your team will have fun carving their own (Giant toes? The scales of justice?). Write a blog about the origins of carving pumpkins and showcase the winners.
  8. Share some favorite Halloween recipes.
  9. Create a Top Ten list. Halloween songs, costumes, movies and scariest monsters are just a few.

These ideas can also be fun for October’s social media posts. Can you think of any others?

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