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April 4, 2016

Develop an Email List that Works for Your Practice

Email marketing should be a big part of your practice marketing strategy. After all, industry experts estimate that there are 2.9 billion email accounts worldwide! That’s […]
March 30, 2016

Make Email Drip Campaigns Work for Your Practice

Sending targeted emails as part of a marketing email drip campaign is just about the perfect marketing tool. Why? It’s quick, it’s electronic, it’s personally addressed […]
March 23, 2016

Top 4 Excuses to Put Off Marketing Your Practice

If you’re not spending time and energy on your practice’s marketing plan, you’re not engaging your current patients or clients and you’re missing opportunities to attract […]
March 16, 2016

Do You Need an Extra Pair of Hands?

Your staff is busy with everything that has to happen to keep your practice going. Who has time to send out marketing letters? A well-rounded effective […]
March 6, 2016

Improve Staff Teamwork To Increase Productivity

Do you observe tension between your front office and back business office? Are there inefficiencies that cause problems at your practice and increase your frustration as […]
March 4, 2016

Market Your Practice with an E-Book

If you don’t have a free e-book available to your potential customers via your website, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity. It’s a simple […]
February 21, 2016

Digital Marketing Defined

Are you confused about the term “digital marketing”? Do you associate it with Internet marketing? The answer: digital marketing is much more than Internet marketing, and […]
February 18, 2016

Tips To Increase the Open Rate for Your E-Newsletter

Are you worried the “open rate,” or percentage of email recipients who actually open your e-newsletter, is too low? It’s important to know your industry’s average […]
February 12, 2016

Format Matters when Creating Online Content

Did you know that web pages and blogs can be formatted in a way to attract and keep a reader’s eye? Your practice may have interesting […]