Blogging and Social Media – What’s the Connection?

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June 27, 2019
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July 10, 2019
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Blogging and Social Media – What’s the Connection?

You know that both blogging and social media posts are integral components of a comprehensive digital marketing plan. But do you know that it’s very important to connect both of these media too?

Rather than spiraling separately out there on the internet, blogs and social media posts should complement each other. Essentially, you want to:

  • Use social media to promote your blogs, and
  • Use your longer, educational blogs to enrich your social media.

 How to Coordinate Blogging and Social Media Posts

  • Showcase your professional expertise by sharing your blogs via social media.
  • Repeat your tweets with blog links. Not everyone will catch a daily tweet, so increase the amount of traffic you get by repetitive postings.
  • Add visual interest to a social media post so readers want to click through to your blog. Use clever and relevant images and videos. Make sure the title signals interesting and captivating content.
  • Add social media share buttons to your blog posts.
  • Share blogs on social media consistently – for example twice a week – to build anticipation. It’s okay to share older blogs too, for a newer audience.
  • Always include blog links on your social media accounts. Interesting blogs will persuade readers to follow you on social media – and vice versa.
  • Create hashtags with keywords that are relevant to your blog and add them to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram updates.
  • Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that are related to your practice. Begin by joining in conversations, answering questions and then share links to your blogs.

Don’t forget an email marketing list. Email is still a powerful marketing tool, as a person is more likely to read an email than catch a social media post while scrolling through Facebook. Collect email addresses via your website and any other opportunity you have to build a contact list of current and prospective customers.

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