Blogging with Panache

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Blogging with Panache

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Panache – it’s one of those terms that are hard to define. Panache means confidencestyleenthusiasm, and liveliness. An Academy Award nominee walking the red carpet must have panache, as do Olympic gymnasts and skaters and most rock stars.

Can a marketing blog have panache? Of course it can, and yours should! A well-written marketing blog will have the main elements of panache when the writer aims for readability, magnetism, education, and fun.

Let’s examine the key elements of panache as applied to marketing blogs:

  • Confidence. Always choose the topics for your practice’s marketing blogs carefully. Avoid writing about a subject on which you are not an expert. You may use other sources to draw ideas from but always add in your own experiences and specific services. Make sure that your blogs are first educational, so you provide something of value to your readers.
  • Style. Use an easily-readable writing style to appeal to the broadest audience. Avoid excessive technical or legal jargon – this will alienate many readers. Appearance counts too – be sure to break up long stretches of text with subheadings and bulleted lists. Use bolded and/or italicized fonts to draw attention to your most important points. Add images such as photos, graphs, cartoons and videos to add visual interest and to catch the eye.
  • Enthusiasm. Even a sober topic such as nursing home neglect can be approached with enthusiasm – enthusiasm for the victims and for how your expert services can help. Avoid a clinical approach to your subject; instead, reveal how you feel personally about it, rather than just a dry assessment.
  • Liveliness. It’s okay to throw a little humor into a marketing piece! What’s the latest lawyer, dentist or foot doctor joke? Poking fun at ourselves is a great way to establish a casual, readable, relatable style. At the same time, you will be revealing a peek behind the curtain so readers glimpse your practice’s real culture.


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