Consistently adding unique content to your website through blogging is an important part of your online marketing strategy. Search engines don’t like to see stale websites but instead favor sites that add fresh, organic content regularly. Blogs not only satisfy this vital necessity, but also serve to educated your clients and patients and keep them informed.

But the obligation to come up with fresh topic ideas and to incorporate SEO strategies within the blogs is a tedious burden.

Unique Custom Blogging Feature

Relax – our marketing system includes strategically written weekly blogs that are customized for your practice.

We’ll select one of our professional writers to be assigned to your practice. Our experienced writers will study your business and the services you offer and create a custom blog each week that includes SEO strategies and highlights different aspects of your business.

Our writers stay on top of current medical trends and can incorporate the latest treatment or diagnostic offerings into the blogs. Also, because each blog is custom written for your business, we can include local points of interest to make it seem personal to your readers.

Importantly, we encourage you to request special topics that you want emphasized in an electronic communication. Our system is flexible enough to accommodate special requests.

Unlike other marketing companies who sell mass-produced blogs with generic content, we offer your audience fresh, unique and practice-specific content each week. At Blue Orchid Marketing it’s the human touch that makes the difference.