Drip Email Marketing Campaigns: Choosing Topics and Timing

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March 22, 2019
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April 3, 2019
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Drip Email Marketing Campaigns: Choosing Topics and Timing

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As we continue our series on drip email marketing campaigns, we hope you are enjoying learning about this very effective marketing tool and the benefits your practice can realize.

Once you decide to create a drip email campaign and have your contact database segmented into groups that make sense for your practice, there are 2 easy steps remaining:

  • Choose your topics
  • Decide how many emails will be in the campaign and when they will be sent


Select Email Topics to Promote Your Practice and Educate the Reader

Email campaigns are not spam. Instead, they are thoughtful marketing pieces targeted to the recipient and offering content of value. Based on the way you have segmented your database (in other words, identified groups of contacts with similar demographics, interests or needs), you can create many campaigns with topics relevant to your practice. For example, emails may be sent to those who:

  • Are new clients or patients to thank them for their business
  • Have been injured in a car accident for a personal injury claim
  • Suffer from chronic heel pain
  • Are struggling with child custody issues
  • Are disabled and need help with Social Security Disability application
  • Missed an appointment and need a new one
  • Have been harmed by a defective product


How Many Emails and How Often?

Sending infrequent emails and your topic coverage will be scanty. But too many and your business may be perceived as, well, annoying!

In general, communications such as a new client welcome and a reminder of a missed appointment can be brief, just 1-3 emails. However, when you are educating the reader with content relevant to your services, an email sequence should be broader and can range from 4-8 emails.

Here is an example of an auto accident personal injury campaign with 7 emails:
  • Thank you for your interest in our firm
  • Accident do’s and don’ts
  • FAQs
  • Resources available to you
  • Dealing with the insurance company
  • Caution on social media
  • Thank you again and reinforce contact information


An appropriate schedule for this campaign would be sending the first 3 emails in one week to grab reader attention during a stressful time, and then the remaining emails one week apart.

Sound overwhelming? An automated drip email scheduler like our Blue Orchid Marketing database system is the answer for busy practices that want results without burdening their administrative staff. Let our automatically-scheduled drip email process work behind the scenes to market your practice as you do what you do best!

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