Blue Orchid Marketing provides small and medium-sized businesses with a web-based application to help you with targeted marketing efforts. We make it easy for you to set up marketing campaigns to grow your business.

  • You control the marketing campaign
  • Who receives it and when
  • In what format… e-mail, brochure, postcard, letter
  • Potential customers respond to giveaways and are automatically enrolled in a campaign
  • Our scheduler sends out e-mails in the timeframe you choose and creates a To Do list for your administrator to print labels and letters
  • The system keeps track by contact of what was sent and when
  • You will have access to reports to let you know that the mailing took place… how many were sent and when, number of responses received
  • You can easily manage multiple campaigns for different audiences

We know you are busy doing what you do best. Blue Orchid Marketing will handle this important business function for you so you spend your time taking care of clients.

No time to manage the software? Give us a call. We can help to get the job done by administering the software for you. To learn more, call us today at 203-746-5901.