1. Electronic Newsletters

    Electronic newsletter campaigns are an effective way of communicating with current contacts. In each issue, you can remind patients of services you offer, educate them about topics relative to your practice or business and update them on relevant activities that may be taking place in your area. A newsletter can also promote word of mouth advertising. Your patients may know someone who would be interested in the information you are sharing and forward the newsletter to them.

    At Blue Orchid Marketing, you can use your database to send out a regular electronic newsletter. We offer a service where we can set up a template for your newsletter, take articles that you provide (or we can write them for you), format and proof them and set it up in your database for electronic mailing – all within a quick turnaround time and at a reasonable price.

    We also have a portal available for you to design your own monthly newsletter and set it up for distribution. This is great for people who prefer to be “hands on” and get the job done on their own.

  2. Automated Birthday or Holiday Greetings

    Everyone appreciates being remembered on their special day or at the holidays. At Blue Orchid Marketing our software makes it easy to automatically send a personalized electronic birthday greeting or remind you to send a physical birthday card in the mail if you prefer.

    Also, don’t think of December as the only time to send holiday greetings. Get creative with other holidays throughout the year (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, etc.). Plan ahead so you have your mailing ready to go ahead of time.

    If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to stay in touch with your existing contacts but don’t have the manpower to tackle this task, let our Virtual Assistants handle birthday and holiday greetings for you.

  3. Creating or Updating a Web Site

    Some of our clients are ready to start marketing their practice, but they don’t have a web site. We can help! We can work with you to design and implement your web site, a key component of your marketing efforts. This is a special service that we offer to Blue Orchid Marketing clients only.

    If you’ve already got a web site, we can integrate your Blue Orchid Marketing database directly with your web site. As people come to your web site and ask for information, their contact info will drop right into your Blue Orchid database so you can include them in your marketing efforts.

  4. Outsourcing the Fulfillment of your Blue Orchid Database

    Our Virtual Assistant Service can handle the administration of your Blue Orchid Marketing database. We’ll take this task off your hands and make sure your marketing efforts get done every day! Click here to learn more.