Professional Insights on Why Physicians Use Social Media

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May 7, 2019
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May 23, 2019
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Professional Insights on Why Physicians Use Social Media

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A recent article on, a wellness website, drives home the point that doctors must participate in social media at a minimum to fight fake news.

In “The Rise of the Social Media Doctor,” author Dr. Dana Corriel shares how she sees value in using social media from both a healthcare and personal wellness viewpoint.

But Dr. Corriel also addressed the huge number of “medical falsehoods” that circulate out there in the social media world with a life of their own. So she took action by creating a blog to defend evidence-based medicine. She also teamed up with many other doctors to initiate a Facebook support group of similar-thinking healthcare providers.

How and Why Physicians Use Social Media – Their Own Voices

Here are just a few of the comments from the article on how physicians use social media, as well as its challenges and why the social media-healthcare merge is critical for patients:

  • “So many women use this space for health searches; I want them to have accurate information.” Dana Rice, M.D., urologist
  • “Doctors need to speak out on behalf of patients, and social media is an effective way to do that. I use it to get my message and the work I am doing out [there], and to network with people who have a similar mission.” Linda Girgis, M.D., family medicine doctor
  • “Doctors belong on social media so that they may expand their influence and give a more realistic picture of the medical world—a picture that is not painted by the pharmaceutical companies or Hollywood over-dramatizations…  If physicians do not adapt to new technology and ways of doing things, they will be surpassed by their younger and more flexible colleagues, who may know how to better utilize social media.” David Rosenblum, M.D., pain management specialist
  • “I want to reach more than just the patients I see in the hospital or my office … to help the general public feel comfortable seeing a psychiatrist—because this psychiatrist on Instagram or Facebook that they follow is ‘normal,’ knowledgeable, and approachable.” Danielle J. Johnson, M.D., F.A.P.A., psychiatrist
  • “I am on social media because it is the future. I also share my love of books, history, and nonfiction. Further, I write to highlight the experiences of the working mom.” Uchenna O. Njiaju, M.D., a specialist in cancer and blood disorders
  • “I’m on social media to broaden my audience and patient base, and to help dispel medical myths and false news.” Nicole Swiner, M.D., family/general medicine

If you are still not convinced of the power of social media for the medical profession and other professional services firms, just read this insight from Colin Zhu, D.O., family doctor and chef: “I believe doctors still have a powerful voice. We just need to practice harnessing it better for people, and social media does just that.”

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