Relationship Marketing Builds Long-Term Connections with Customers

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October 29, 2015
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November 13, 2015
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Relationship Marketing Builds Long-Term Connections with Customers

Companies that value connections with patients and clients invest in relationship marketing. This type of marketing builds long-term relationships with constituents, not just a one-time sale.

Relationship marketing does NOT

  • Link to a single offer or service
  • Look for the quick sale
  • Neglect follow-up opportunities
  • Ignore chances to foster customer loyalty

Instead, this kind of marketing seeks out potential patients and clients as well as encourages repeat business with existing customers. Businesses who excel at relationship marketing consistently engage with their existing clientele through periodic informative greetings and emails and with intriguing social media postings.

In today’s world, every detail of your practice’s behavior is available to the public, and social media provides a platform for each patient or client to express their satisfaction – or not – with your services. This visibility influences each potential customer, making solid relationships vitally important.

How to Incorporate Relationship Marketing into your Marketing Strategy

  • Take advantage of technology to build existing and potential contact databases and use the data to market your practice.
  • Be prepared to react to warm leads – those who have expressed an interest in your practice – by beginning drip email campaigns or distributing free books.
  • Marketing via social media is effective and low-cost – use it! Maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ and update regularly.
  • Solicit feedback from your customers and use it wisely to incorporate helpful ideas into your business.
  • Seek out continuous practice improvement in all areas: technology, customer satisfaction, staff organization and efficiency, client and patient communications.
  • Request testimonials (if legal in your state) from satisfied customers to post on your website or social media reviews. For medical practices, be sure to ask your patients’ permission and have them sign a HIPAA PHI release form.
  • Make sure your staff is on board with your marketing efforts and trained in areas like collecting email addresses and tracking referrals.
  • Create customer appreciation opportunities – reward loyalty with special deals.

Create Value with Good Relationship Marketing Practices

Refine the way your practice operates to maximize the value of your relationships with your patients and clients. Blue Orchid Marketing can help with customized direct email drip campaigns to educate and reengage your customers. We also offer e-newsletters and practice-specific birthday and holiday e-cards to keep your practice name top of mind with your constituents. Call us at 203-746-5901 and ask for David or contact us via the website to learn more about incorporating relationship marketing into your marketing strategy.