Social media is an increasingly important component in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Most businesses have little time – or staff – to devote to this labor-intensive task.

At Blue Orchid Marketing we take the burden of social media development and optimization away from you so you can concentrate on what you do best – provide excellent professional service to your clients. Our marketing professionals create social media profiles for your practice and, even more importantly, maintain them regularly to keep content fresh and engaging.

Why Social Media

Marketing your practice through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is extremely cost effective. Social media is the preferred means of communication among the younger population, but it is also increasingly common with potential customers of all ages. Social media profiles receive a large amount of traffic which can then drive readers to your website. The result is substantial and works to expand your business.

Social Media and Blue Orchid Marketing

Our marketing system provides the following specific social media development and optimization services:

  • Create fan pages to market your practice keeping your brand integrity
  • Optimize pages thoroughly for prospective followers and to satisfy search engines
  • Post custom weekly content to engage followers and drive traffic to your website

Strong, inclusive content on social media sites with regular updates will catch the search engines’ attention and reach out to existing and prospective prospects. The Blue Orchid Marketing solution ensures fresh, customized content on your social media sites that drives interaction with your customers.