Take a Lesson from the Queen’s Social Media Manager Job Requirements

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Take a Lesson from the Queen’s Social Media Manager Job Requirements

Millions of Brits – and “Brit wannabes” – begin their days by checking their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed for the latest news from Buckingham Palace. Keeping up with the royals is a huge job, so big that Queen Elizabeth has decided to hire a “Digital Communications Officer” for help.

Other than a scale difference and the need for arranging tea parties, the recently-issued job description for a royal social media manager is just about the same as what you would ask at your practice. Let’s compare a few of the Queen’s published requirements:

  • Engage a worldwide audience with the public role and work of The Royal Family while managing the daily news flow on digital and social networking platforms. This is exactly what your social media staff member must do for your world – your local podiatry, legal, dental, veterinary or health care service.
  • Possess social media, writing and research skills to create content. Your social media coordinator must be able to choose relevant topics, write engaging content and accurately post to all your social media platforms as well as create marketing blogs. You can reference our many content-related blogs for help including topics like Blogging with Panache, Writing a Strong Call to Action and How to Put Summer Sunshine in Your Content.
  • Spark interest and reach a range of audiences. Who is your audience? Always design content to intrigue the reader you want to reach – your potential customer – whether the elderly who need foot care or parents of teen drivers who may have to deal with an auto accident or a person with a disability who is applying for Social Security Disability. What type of content is your audience looking for?
  • Possess good photography skills. This requirement is a good reminder for all of us about the power visuals have in social media content, blogs and e-newsletters. Add images wherever it makes sense to catch the reader’s eye and illustrate a point better and faster than a thousand words.

Not all of us have the luxury of hiring a dedicated social media and digital communications manager for our small businesses. But the requirements and skills outlined by the Queen are the same as those you would want to see in your social media resource. Remember, make your social media postings count in your world!

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