Hal Omstein Blue Orchid Marketing was made for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s affordable, easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to stay in touch with patients by e-mail AND by letter. A typical e-mail auto responder doesn’t meet our needs, because more than half of our prospective patients don’t have (or won’t give) e-mail addresses.

With Blue Orchid Marketing, the e-mails go out automatically and, if our patient doesn’t have an e-mail address, a personalized letter is printed and mailed on a scheduled basis. Without Blue Orchid Marketing, we could not get the job done.

And with the Blue Orchid Marketing Virtual Assistant service, they even handle the mailing of our letters and books. I love it!

Marc Katz DPM I’ve been using Blue Orchid for about five years now. They have helped me create campaigns that continue to reactivate patients. This has had a great impact on my numbers. In addition, patients have been very impressed with the professional correspondence and they really appreciate birthday and holiday cards. All of these small gestures add up to increased patient volume and many more referrals. People know we care and will always remember us when they have a foot or ankle problem.

I know that we don’t have time to do all of this marketing and we all have a tendency to think that we can do it ourselves. The reality of a practice is that you must delegate. This is a great place to start.

If you are not doing this type of marketing in your practice you are missing the boat. Blue Orchid Marketing is the best way to retain your current patients, make them happy and get tons of referrals.

I would recommend Blue Orchid to anyone interested in not only growing their practice, but retaining existing patients. Thank You to Anil and the Blue Orchid staff. You make a big difference!

Buckfire & BuckfireBlue Orchid Marketing has been the centerpiece of our law firm marketing and advertising campaigns. The software allows us to create targeted marketing campaigns to specific segments of our database. It helps us to effortlessly automate our campaigns with a number of steps in a marketing sequence.

The software is fully customizable and easy to use. Using this product has saved us a significant amount of time and has allowed us to expand our marketing campaigns in a systemized and calculated manner. The product support is tremendous. Questions are answered promptly and solutions are offered and implemented very quickly.

I would recommend Blue Orchid Marketing to any professional engaging in the marketing of their practice.

Michael Gibson“Blue Orchid Marketing has helped me to take my firm and our marketing systems to the next level. They understand the fundamental principles of good, foundational, and structured digital marketing campaigns. It has helped release the internal burdens of doing all of the same from my staff. They are also dedicated to your success, being proactive with suggestions and detailed analysis of your campaign. I could not run my Marketing Systems without them.” – Attorney Michael T. Gibson, Orlando, Florida.

Richard Berkun“We started using the Blue Orchid marketing program two years ago – and had the best two years in business! They do all the work for us, and we reap the benefits. Run, don’t walk, to get Blue Orchid working for you. We’re glad we did!”

Robert E. Marra, DPMIt is almost five years that our practice has been working with Blue Orchid Marketing. I have to say that in the beginning, I was a bit skeptical. However, it didn’t take long before I was hearing directly from patients “I came back in because I got an email from you!”

Our patients have always been one of our top referral sources and we are now able to be in touch with them on a regular basis. We have a powerful tool at our disposal to do a number of things. Messages go to patients with specific diagnoses who haven’t been in to see us in quite a while. We send quarterly newsletters on seasonally relevant topics and we send eblasts announcing news about our practice or new treatment modalities. On the softer side, we send holiday cards and birthday cards which patients appreciate.

As a whole, we are regularly reminding patients about our practice and our ability to care for their podiatric health…and I believe they are telling their friends!

Blue Orchid Marketing continues to be a very effective marketing tool for our practice. I personally see the results!

Ron HeddingThis is an unbelievable company. I’ve been in the marketing game now for 15 years and these guys are taking me to a different level. Their customer service is unsurpassed I really enjoy working with all the people there and highly recommend them.

Stephen BrooksBlue Orchid Marketing has made a difference in Brooks Law Group by helping us organize and amplify our database. We have a case management system, which is specifically for CASES. We wanted a way to include all people who are interested in receiving our newsletter and other important information from Brooks Law Group. We really utilized the services of Blue Orchid Marketing for our “drip campaigns” for each of the practice areas of our firm. Blue Orchid Marketing has worked closely with our Marketing Director in setting up these campaigns and our monthly E-Newsletter. The staff at Blue Orchid Marketing has also worked with our website provider with integration from our “Case Evaluation Page” on our website: www.brookslawgroup.com to the database.

The customer service they have provided us has been impeccable. Anytime our staff has a question, or needs coaching with the database or portal use, Blue Orchid Marketing’s staff is always available and ready to assist.

We are VERY happy with the services from Blue Orchid Marketing, and we are excited about the strong relationship we have built with them and will continue to build for years to come.

Institute for Podiatric Excellence and DevelopmentAs a start up organization, we were faced with trying to reach a broad base of potential members and not being very successful until we enlisted the services of Blue Orchid Marketing. With their resources and knowledge and the most professional and responsive staff, our membership grew exponentially and our members are able to stay informed and connected. Blue Orchid Marketing was the best thing that happened to our organization.

If you want results, contact Blue Orchid.

Lisa JamesWe highly recommend Blue Orchid Marketing for your internal and external marketing needs. We have been using their services for four nears now and their team has helped us develop our marketing strategies. Our patients do not feel “marketed” to, but instead know that we are genuinely concerned about them and their needs.

Blue Orchid’s team works together to execute all of the pieces seamlessly. They proactively guide us as to where we can make the best use of our marketing dollars to achieve the best results. What we appreciate the most about Blue Orchid Marketing is their honest and personalized planning based on our needs.

Corey WalkerI began using Blue Orchid Marketing in 2008 because I needed a system to handle the number of leads I was getting. I wanted to automate so I could stay on top of the leads and achieve time and costs savings for my staff. I chose Blue Orchid because of the ease in learning the software and adding/changing steps in my campaigns and because of the excellent support and customer service they provide.

Before we started using Blue Orchid, we were using 3 x 5 note cards. The software now organizes and keeps track of our leads so no one gets overlooked. It has put our “drip campaigns” on automatic. As a result, we have experienced a higher conversion rate of leads to qualified cases. We can now do MORE marketing because we can handle MORE leads, which has led to MORE qualified cases. Our plan is to add additional paralegals and attorneys to handle the increased case load.

My experience has been that it is well worth the time and money to set-up the program. As with any new product, there is a learning curve in the beginning, but once that is done and your staff is trained, your life will be much easier. I have found it to be an excellent product with terrific customer service. I have and will continue to recommend Blue Orchid Marketing to others.

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John MarzanoHi I’m Dr. John Marzano. I’m a podiatrist and I’ve been in practice for thirty years now. I wanted to talk to you a little about Blue Orchid Marketing. For most of my career, I always thought that my personality and my interaction with my patients was enough to market my practice. But about a year ago, I contracted with Blue Orchid Marketing. I thought I probably should do better than just that. Well, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. Every day it seems one of my patients comes in and says to me, “Doc, that was so nice that you sent me that email. I really appreciate it.” And I thought, “Where’d that email come from? Oh yeah, Blue Orchid Marketing.” Anil, the owner of the company, has been nothing but cooperative and helpful. It seems every time I talk with him, he comes up with a new idea that puts my practice in a positive light. I’m really glad that I met Anil and Blue Orchid Marketing. I would highly, highly recommend that you do too.

Jason GrossmanThank you guys! I like this program because I had my staff try and do it and it’s just too much to handle. Now it all gets done. You guys are top notch!

Vaughan de KirbyWhat makes a software great is the people who you work with to implement it. Blue Orchid is just such a company because users will be blessed with the opportunity to work with Sandie and Anil.

Blue Orchid is wonderful software that will enable users to implement marketing strategies immediately and effectively at a fraction of the price charged by competitors. Blue Orchid is simply the right choice.

Rebecca PinskerPrior to using Blue Orchid Marketing, we tried to manage our recall campaigns internally. I used an Excel file to manage the mailings so I would know when to send the second letter in a multi-step campaign. The truth is we never sent more than one mailing because we had too many other things to do. I signed up with Blue Orchid in 2009. They send multi-step campaigns every month to our inactive patients. The service more than pays for itself with the increased business we have realized and the increased referrals. Without Blue Orchid as our partner, this job simply would not get done.

Kevin WuI would like to thank Blue Orchid Marketing for helping us grow our practice. As the Director of Patient and Community Relations, we’re always on the go and trying to manage our time efficiently. With BOM at our side, we’re able to communicate and educate our patients more effectively.

No one has time to write, print and mail out a letter to all of our patients, but we’re able to do so through their Virtual Assistant Service which does it all for you!

Blue Orchid Marketing will take your marketing ideas to a whole new level. We all know customer service is king, and Blue Orchid’s response time and their willingness to guide you are superior.

Andrew SzantoBlue Orchid Marketing is simple to use and is making a huge impact for our practice. At first, I was a bit intimidated when I was introduced to the idea of multi-step marketing campaigns but Blue Orchid has made the process simple to manage. It only takes a couple of minutes each week to update our marketing database. And making adjustments to existing campaigns is as easy as sending an email. With Blue Orchid making sure our campaigns are running, I have no worries about the job getting done.

Family Foot Leg Center
Naples, FL

I am writing to express our pleasure with our marketing services from Blue Orchid. We have used this as a tool for the past 3 years to stay in touch with patients around the holidays and for their own birthday. The feedback has been great! We often get new appointments as a result of these communications. Also, the patients appreciate us remembering them at special times thru out the year.

The staff at Blue Orchid has always been very helpful. Their service is prompt, and they always answer any questions in a timely manner. I would recommend them to any practice looking to grow and strengthen their practice.

Best, Cam Montana
Marketing Director
Community Liaison