Anil MalikAnil Malik began his studies in Engineering and Computer Science in Greece and completed them in the United States at New York IT in New York City. He has spent his entire career as a consultant, application designer, and developer. Before starting his own company in 1997, Anil was Technical Manager for Relavis (formerly MFJ) in New York City.

As Owner and President of AMI Solutions, Anil provided custom software design solutions for Fortune 500 clients and small businesses, including Armstrong World Industries, Praxair, PhytoRiker Pharmaceuticals, United Sleep Products, and the Siemon Group. In 2007, he designed the Blue Orchid Marketing software system to meet the needs of doctors, lawyers, and small business owners to market their firms in an automated way and at a reasonable price.

Anil uses his extensive IT background with our clients to provide advice on data extracts and loads, data analysis, and how to make the best use of Blue Orchid Marketing software to grow your business.


Sandie WikeSandie Wike joined AMI Solutions (our parent company) in 2000 as Executive Director. She is one of the key members of the executive team and is involved in strategic as well as tactical decisions.

Sandie holds a bachelor’s degree from The Pennsylvania State University in Communications and Public Relations. Her expertise is in customer relationship management, and as anyone who has worked with her knows, she is dedicated to insuring our clients have a positive experience using Blue Orchid Marketing. Her goal is to make sure you get the maximum return on investment from your marketing software.

As our business continues to expand, Sandie is responsible for putting processes in place to insure we grow internally to meet our clients’ needs. Our clients are her number one concern.


Tessa MendozaContessa Mendoza, or Tessa, is the technical guru for Blue Orchid Marketing. She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Business Administration. Although you wouldn’t know it to look at her, she has been working in the field of Information Technology for over 20 years.

Tessa joined our company in 2002. She has provided her technical expertise in the development and support of a wide range of business applications. She has been instrumental in the development of Blue Orchid Marketing. Tessa continues to provide the technical knowledge that supports the advancement of Blue Orchid Marketing software and oversees ongoing enhancements to the system.

For those of you who have worked directly with Tessa, you know she is cool and calm under pressure and very smart. Tessa is a key player and a real asset to our executive team.


David BevanDavid joined the Blue Orchid Marketing Executive Team in 2011 and is responsible for business development, new business and assisting with select high profile accounts. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic arts and professional photography, David’s career has been in advertising, data base marketing, television, and print production. This has included responsibility for execution of large corporate wide marketing and advertising campaigns.

David has worked extensively in the world of marketing for medical and law practices. He attends conferences across the united states and lectures on the subject of marketing for growing a practice.