Tips on Gathering Email Addresses

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October 2, 2015
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October 13, 2015
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Tips on Gathering Email Addresses

Email marketing is a super effective method to acquire contacts, build awareness of your practice and convert potential customers to patients and clients.

But those email addresses don’t just come out of the air. It takes commitment, patience and consistency to build and sustain a valuable email contact list.

Opt-In Email Addresses

Focus on individuals who want to receive information about your practice. An “opt-in” email list consists of current and potential customers who have asked to be put on your mailing list and want to receive information on your firm. By sending email marketing pieces to an opt-in list you will preserve your marketing reputation, build long-term, trusted relationships with your customers and show people you respect their privacy.

Don’t purchase email lists. These are people who have not requested your information. We all receive unsolicited bulk emails – spam – and they can only harm your business’ reputation.

So How Do You to Collect Opt-In Email Addresses?

  • The traditional method of having a sign-in sheet at your receptionist’s desk still works.
  • Add a fishbowl to your front desk to collect business cards and offer a special discount or raffle drawing for those who submit their cards.
  • Make sure your staff is on board and can explain how your business uses emails. Offer an incentive for gathering email addresses.
  • Be prepared with a small clipboard or mobile device to collect emails at professional conferences, local charity events and medical or legal clinics.
  • Be sure to have a sign up area on your website and explain what signing up means (weekly blog, monthly e-newsletter). All you need is name and email address.
  • Consider adding a pop-up window function to your website that appears when a visitor is leaving your site and prompts them to sign up for your e-newsletter.
  • Add an opt-in sign up form to your Facebook page or link to your website sign up. Issue periodic Facebook invitations to join the email list.
  • Add an opt-in website link to the top or bottom of your blog.
  • Post sign up opportunities on all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Collect email addresses at special practice events like customer appreciation day or lunch and learns.
  • Send a postcard to your patients and clients who are not on your email list and offer an incentive to sign up.
  • Include “forward to a friend” in all blogs and e-newsletters.

Boost your Email Contacts to Boost your Practice

Having email addresses for individuals who are interested in your field or your practice means that you have the ability to touch your constituents with marketing pieces. Blue Orchid Marketing can help you build a valuable email contact list and to keep in touch with your customers with specific email drip campaigns as well as e-newsletters, customized Happy Birthday and holiday e-cards. You can reach us at 203-746-5901 and ask for David or contact us via the website. A solid email contact list is a must to keep your business top of mind with current customers and bring potential customers in the door.