Use our Virtual Assistants to handle the daily task of managing your client database, printing and mailing letters in your marketing campaigns on schedule, and setting up new marketing campaigns. We will provide administrative support to your business on an ‘as needed’ basis. This provides welcome relief to businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and their staffs who have more work to do than the time to get it done. The Blue Orchid Marketing Virtual Assistant provides expertise in administering the Blue Orchid Marketing web-based digital marketing software, including any of the following services:

  • Automate customer communication by monitoring your database ‘To Do’ tasks in Blue Orchid Marketing every day.
  • Print, fold and mail your marketing campaign letters on your letterhead.
  • Monitor your incoming e-mail box associated with Blue Orchid Marketing.
  • Monitor your 800 number, enter names and addresses into the Contact database.
  • Add documents to the Marketing Library.
  • Set up and streamline Marketing Campaigns in the Campaign portion of Blue Orchid Marketing.

When you sign up for the Virtual Assistant service, you tell us which services you would like us to provide. We will provide these services at an hourly rate and you will be charged each month only for the actual number of hours worked, the actual postage expense and the cost of paper, envelopes, etc. supplied by us.

That’s it! You provide us with your stationery, envelopes, and books to be mailed…anything that you want us to mail for you…and we take it from there. You enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your marketing campaigns are running seamlessly without any disruption to your day to day operations!

To sign up for our Blue Orchid Marketing Virtual Assistant service or if you have any questions, contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 203-746-5901.