10 Web Design Best Practices for 2021

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May 18, 2021
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10 Web Design Best Practices for 2021

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Today, practically anyone can easily get a website up and running. However, that doesn’t guarantee that it will be an effective tool for your business. It is your 24/7 storefront, and customers form opinions rapidly, so it’s important to make a great first impression with an intuitive, effective, and appealing design.

Web Design Success

  1. Clear calls to action (CTAs): Your CTAs encourage your customers to convert, whether by subscribing to your content, booking a call or appointment, or purchasing your products. So what’s being offered must be immediately clear and potential objections addressed right away
  2. Consistent branding: Your brand is the basis of your business, so it needs to be consistent throughout all of your customer touchpoints, including your website. Your logo, color scheme, brand voice, and key messaging all should stay consistent.
  3. Clean design: Your website needs to be easily scannable and your content digestible. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors – it needs to be enjoyable for them with clean design and meaningful content.
  4. Obvious, intuitive navigation: Buttons and navigation should be intuitive and obvious so users can explore your content easily and instinctively.
  5. Storytelling: The best stories deliver the most emotional impact. That’s one of the main ways they overcome barriers to understanding and engagement, which is why you can bond with your customers better by telling a story rather than by simply stating facts.
  6. Visuals: Web users typically won’t tolerate content that is too text-heavy, but they have limited attention spans and a love for engaging visual elements. For those reasons, websites that include a lot of design elements, such as videos, illustrations, and photos, and limit text can tell the story in a way that users can quickly absorb.
  7. Mobile-first: One way you can optimize your website is to build mobile-first and mobile-friendly pages so you can optimize every user experience.
  8. Accessibility: Your websites and applications must be able to be used by individuals who have motor, auditory, speech, cognitive, or visual disabilities. If you’re not sure if your website meets those standards, try using an online accessibility auditing service.
  9. Prioritize SEO: If you integrate SEO best practices into your website by using targeted keywords throughout your website, you’re more likely to secure a high-ranking place on search engine results pages and get more website visitors.
  10. Site speed: A slow website not only frustrates your visitors, but it can have real consequences for your business because users will often choose to abandon a slow site.

Create Positive Results

The most important takeaway from these best practices is that if you want positive business results, you can’t just build a website and forget about it. It requires ongoing improvements to serve your customers and company effectively.

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