Turn 2021 Marketing Fears into Successes

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October 30, 2020
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Turn 2021 Marketing Fears into Successes


The uncertainty of the pandemic has given rise to new fears for many and brought out long-recessed ones for others. Fortunately, with all these fears also comes new opportunities for confronting them, becoming better marketers, and perhaps learning more about ourselves in the process.

Conquer Your Marketing Fears in 2021!

  1. Fear of Being Unmotivated: Anxiety and stress can affect productivity, so it’s important for marketers to frequently reassess what personal success and progress are during a pandemic, and to describe them in more forgiving ways. Remind yourself that we’re amid a pandemic and that just making it through the day can be the biggest victory.
  2. Fear of Uncertainty: The uncertainty has affected us all. Many marketers are still coping with the upheaval of working remotely and the overwhelming uncertainty that surrounds the future. This fear has played a part in a significant drop in confidence among corporate personnel. Marketing undertakings that elevate trust can help overcome the lack of confidence that has come to the surface during the pandemic.
  3. Fear of Under-Sharing or Oversharing: These fears result when marketers haven’t performed proper tests to determine the sharing frequency that works best among a certain audience or social platform. Although it can take time to fine-tune your communication frequency, finding the solution that resonates with your audience is well worth it. Not only will you appeal to new followers, but you will keep existing ones.
  4. Fear of Missing Deadlines: Being afraid of missing deadlines can be intimidating for many marketers, yet it doesn’t have to take control of your professional life. If you prioritize your projects and apply scheduling touchpoints to keep things on track, those last-minute surprises are few and far between.

Facing our fears can make us better marketers and have a positive effect on our personal lives as well. Use this pandemic season to take the suggestions above to heart and create your new form of fearless living and marketing.

Want Further Help Facing Your Marketing Fears?

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