4 Creative Ways to Reuse Blogging Content

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July 3, 2019
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July 18, 2019
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4 Creative Ways to Reuse Blogging Content

You put a lot of time, thought and energy into creating your weekly marketing blogs. If you have been blogging consistently for your practice, you have probably accumulated a nice library of relevant topics and well-written content.

Guess what? This library is a rich source of material that – with little effort – can be reused and repurposed for more marketing tools! You’ve already done the hard part with your research and writing – let your blogs work for you:

  1. Switch up your format. You can reuse your content by organizing it differently. For example, your blog on heel pain can be rewritten in several ways including “FAQs on Heel Pain,” “Myths about Heel Pain Treatments” and “Do’s and Don’ts for Heel Pain.” For extra value, update your topic to reflect updates like new treatments and technologies. Space these redesigned blogs over several months and you will reinforce with your readers that you are an expert in resolving heel pain problems.
  2. Create an e-book or e-brochure. If writing an e-book for electronic distribution via your website sounds like a daunting task, just think for a moment. You already have enough material through your blogs to fill several e-books! A personal injury attorney may want to offer an e-book on Car Accidents and can include already written blogs on “What You Should Do Immediately After an Accident,” “Mistakes That Can Damage Your Case,” “Steps to Resolve a Personal Injury Claim,” “How Our State’s Court System Works,” “How An Attorney Can Help With Your Accident Claim”, “Myths About Car Accident Lawsuits,” etc.
  3. Mix up your media. Take one of your blogs and use the information to create a short video piece to add to your website. For a piece on bunions, the narrator can simply read the blog while at the appropriate moment the video can focus on what bunions look like, risk factors, and treatments including new technologies.
  4. Launch an email campaign. Targeted email marketing campaigns have great success rates. A reader is much more likely to open and read your email than to see your post scroll by on Facebook. Group blogs from your library by topic and convert them into a multi-step campaign. A Social Security Disability campaign for prospective clients can use your blogs on “Steps to a Successful Disability Application,” “How to Start a Disability Appeal,” “When to Hire an Attorney for your Disability Appeal,” “How to Prepare for an Appeal Hearing,” and What to Do If Your Appeal Is Denied.” Distribute these emails one week apart and you will both educate prospective customers and persuade them to contact you for help.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Be smart with your valuable blog content and think of creative ways to reuse your library. Ask us – we can help!

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