5 Tips for Using Your Social Media Accounts During Uncertain Times

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March 19, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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5 Tips for Using Your Social Media Accounts During Uncertain Times

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There’s no doubt that these are uncertain times, resulting in social distancing and a global pandemic.

Your business’ social media accounts can help your brand navigate these uncertain times. They are a communications tool, so utilize them to express what’s important to your business and its values at a time when people are craving information.

How to Successfully Use Your Social Media During These Uncertain Times

  1. Start communicating now. Despite what you might be thinking, now is not the time to cease communicating with your customers, patients, or employees. Regular and rapid communications can help ease potential concerns. Reassurances matter.
  2. Remain transparent. Let your customers and patients know how you’re responding to current restrictions and how you’re lessening risk. Be sure to emphasize that you’re taking necessary precautions and reassure them that their safety comes first.
  3. Build community. Use your social media to support others and build community, as it relates to your business. Use it to urge others to continue to shop at local small businesses, support local non-profit organizations, and help families in need.
  4. Be sensitive. If you scheduled your content in advance, take the time to review all future content for language that might seem insensitive during uncertain times. Stay in tune with how your brand could be perceived in this temporary, changing climate.
  5. Use a variety of brand communication vehicles. Brands tend to rely heavily on email because it’s fast and inexpensive. And while that’s a great tactic consumers’ inboxes are overwhelmed with messages. To make sure that your message reaches your audience with timely information, leverage a variety of channels such as direct mail along with your social media and email efforts.

This temporary reality is causing many to rethink everything about our culture, our lives, and now, how we do business. This new era that we’re entering can create many difficult and real challenges.

But it’s important to keep in mind that with these challenges come new opportunities to redirect and grow. Keep in mind that knowing how to correctly use your business’ social media communications during these temporary, uncertain times will help you and your business in the long run.

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