5 Tips to Creating a Magnetic Blog Title – It’s All in the Name

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December 3, 2019
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5 Tips to Creating a Magnetic Blog Title – It’s All in the Name


What grabs your attention enough to read a blog? The title – the first thing you see – has got to be the right combination of substance and intrigue.

How do you feel about the title of this blog? The content or substance of the blog should be clear – there will be 5 tips to “Creating a Magnetic Blog Title” – and the second part of the title “It’s All in the Name” hopefully piqued your interest enough to read on.

You only have one chance to catch a reader, so make your title count. Here are our 5 top tips to interest readers and make them click through to read further:

  1. Use Numbers. Our brains indeed lean towards numbers because they recognize information that has been organized into a logical order. Numbers work better than words, and small numbers are favored because they are not overwhelming. Guess what? Odd numbers work best! Read why in our blog on this topic. And be sure to use the numeral rather than the word; for example, use “7” rather than “Seven.”
  2. “How To” Titles Are Winners. A “How To” title tells your readers exactly what to expect: A tutorial that delivers a specific outcome. Think about how you phrase a Google request. Most of the time you express it in the form of a question like “How to take care of your feet in the winter.” When the search results come up, you’re likely to click on those that begin with “How to …” Other good title examples include “How to Avoid Distracted Driving” and “How to Win Your Workers’ Compensation Case.”
  3. Give Readers a Resource Guide. A resource guide – in-depth content that provides information – is especially valued. How about “All about Orthotics” or “The Beginner’s Guide to Pet Vaccinations”?
  4. Ask a Question. To prompt curiosity, ask a question in your blog title. Readers will have to click through to find the answer. For example, “What’s the Best Way to Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy?”
  5. Include the Reader. By putting “Your” or “You” in the title, your blog will appeal personally to readers. Think about how these blog titles will be received: “Your Heel Pain Explained” and “Keeping You and Your Bike Safe on the Road.”

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