5 Ways to Promote Your Practice Through Social Media Without Overselling

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5 Ways to Promote Your Practice Through Social Media Without Overselling

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Have you ever read a social media post where all the content is sell, sell, sell? This style of writing is ill-advised and will only turn away potential patients and clients. Remember, the “social” in social media is for interacting, sharing and relationships.

Yet at the same time, your social media posts are an important part of your digital marketing. The right “call to action” is very important so that your readers want to learn more about you and click through to your website.

But what is the right balance?

Finding Balance in Selling Your Business Via Social Media

Here are our top 5 tips on promoting your practice in social media without overselling:

  1. Provide value. Educate, share a coupon, invite readers to an informational session, explain how a new process or technology works, summarize and provide links to related content.
  2. Build trust. Stick to your posting schedule. Showcase a special practice anniversary, share patient or client testimony, summarize your recent industry lecture that shows that you are a subject matter expert.
  3. Relate to your audience. Let them know that you understand their pain or struggles and that you have the solutions. Show how your services fit their needs. Share an example from your own life.
  4. Build community. Invite readers to share their thoughts, photos, experiences.
  5. Invite readers to learn more. Here is the “sell,” the call to action. Be clear about what your audience has to do, whether it is clicking through to your website, comment to get more information or send you a private message.

You are selling on social media, but at the same time you are educating, sharing and giving readers something of value. It’s a great balancing act!

Let Us Manage Your Marketing Social Media for You

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