6 Tips to Create Intriguing Email Subject Lines

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August 19, 2017
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6 Tips to Create Intriguing Email Subject Lines

Email marketing remains an effective tool to reach current and potential customers with targeted messages about your services. But are your email recipients opening your messages?


Research shows that one-third of email recipients decide to open an email or not based exclusively on its subject line! This means that you have to grab them with a compelling subject, or your chance to have the reader delve into your content – and then link through to your website – will be gone.


First impressions do count with digital marketing! Here are our top 6 tips to make your email subject lines stand out:


  • Include a familiar name. An email from “DrSmith@FootCare.com” has a better chance of being opened than one from “Info@FootCare.com” Avoid using noreply@company.com – not only is this impersonal but interested recipients cannot add this to their address books.


  • Keep it brief. As a general rule, limit your email subject line to 50 characters for optimal mobile reading. Save on characters by eliminating space wasters like “newsletter” and “introductory.”


  • Use verbs to put your reader in the action. Verbs offer compelling language that draws in the reader. Consider the difference between “Social Security Secrets – Free Seminar” and “Learn about Social Security Secrets – Free Seminar.”


  • Keep your promise. Make sure that your subject line accurately describes the content of your email. You will really turn off a potential client or patient with inaccurate or misleading subject lines.


  • Ask an intriguing question. Here are a few examples: “How Are Dental Problems and Diabetes Related?” “Do You Know What To Do If You Are in an Accident?” “Can Heel Pain Be Treated without Surgery?” Be sure, of course, that the content of your email answers that question!


  • Use numbers. Just like the title of this blog, readers respond positively to numbers. For example: “Top 10 Ways To Damage Your Personal Injury Case” “5 Proven Home Remedies To Relieve Dry Skin” “3 Serious Provider Enrollment Mistakes To Avoid”


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