7 Benefits of Facebook Ads Over Boosted Posts

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February 23, 2021
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7 Benefits of Facebook Ads Over Boosted Posts

Facebook Ads

If you’re wondering what type of Facebook marketing strategy would be best for your business, today we’re going to discuss the distinction between utilizing Facebook Ads and boosting posts on Facebook.

First, let’s describe what the two options are.

Facebook Ads: Produced as separate entities through the Facebook Ads Manager, these ads can be optimized for website conversions, video views, shop orders, and app installations.

Facebook Boosted Post: This is a post that you spend a few dollars to appear as a Facebook Ad for a specific audience.

Benefits of Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts

Aside from better targeting abilities, there are more things Facebook Ads do that boosted posts alone cannot, including the following.

  1. Duplicate Audiences: If you don’t already have a large following on Facebook, utilizing Facebook’s Lookalike Audience abilities is a good way to elevate your reach to a custom audience. It permits Facebook to help you search out an audience that is similar to the one that’s already engaging with your service or product.
  2. Superior Placement Options: A boosted post has limits on where the ad will appear, but Facebook Ads provide the ability to choose precisely where your ads will appear: Instagram stories, Messenger ads, instant articles, Audience Network, Facebook news feed side ads, and mobile/desktop news feeds.
  3. Custom Conversion Tracking: After installing Facebook Pixel, you’ll be able to track the activity on your website on an almost atomic level. You can track what content was viewed, who completed the registration, and what they purchased.
  4. Dayparting: When you boost a Facebook post, you can’t choose what times of day it appears, but Facebook Ads provide Ad Scheduling that lets you turn your ads off and on throughout a certain period.
  5. Superior Targeting Abilities: There are some reduced targeting options available with boosted posts, but the Facebook Ads let you:
  • Target more precisely
  • Boost traffic, engagement, and reach
  • Reach a custom audience to expand awareness
  • Achieve conversion objectives
  1. Precise Ad Objectives: While boosting ads allows you to focus on page engagement, local business promotions, and website clicks, Facebook Ads allow you to select specific objectives like conversions and lead generation.
  2. More Creative Control: Sure, you can be artistic with your boosted posts, but you won’t be able to add specific descriptions, use call-to-action buttons, or produce carousel ads as you can on the Ads Manager platform.

Goal Objectives Determine Facebook Ads or Facebook Posts

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