7 Marketing Blog Essentials To “Wow” Your Readers

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August 15, 2019
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7 Marketing Blog Essentials To “Wow” Your Readers

Successful marketing blogs will draw readers to your business and spark interest in your services. But what spells success for a blog?

Here are our top 7 blog essentials to attract readers and boost your conversion rate to patients and clients:

  1. Dynamite headline. You know from personal experience that if a blog headline or title doesn’t grab you, it’s good-bye. A headline should draw in the reader to learn more. Instead of “Heel Pain,” try “The Agony of Heel Pain – We Can Help!”
  2. Magnetic opening paragraph. Okay, you have enticed the reader via your headline to read on. Now don’t disappoint! Introduce your topic but in a compelling way so they want to learn more. Get to the point quickly but include a teaser so they move on to paragraph #2.
  3. Use subheadings. Good, clear subheadings help the reader locate the information they want and break up long segments of text for visual appeal. Descriptive phrases that note your key ideas in subheadings can help search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Engaging content. What is your goal for your blog? Answering this question will lead you naturally to create organic content that is of value to your readers. Google’s algorithm can get what you are writing about without a lot of keywords, so don’t “keyword stuff.” Show your authority in your subject with well-chosen words that educate, not sell.
  5. Include graphics. A visually interesting graphic will illustrate your points and help break up the text. How your text is arranged with images, color scheme, graphics and photos or videos all entice the reader to linger – another way to build SEO.
  6. Build in relevant links. Every topic that appears in your blog that is also on your website should link there. Make the reader hungry to learn more and to stay on your website.
  7. Persuasive call to action. The whole point of your marketing blog is to have the reader take further action such as visit your website or give you a call. Construct an effective call to action so the reader will do exactly that – take action. Make it clear what you want them to do, from clicking through to your website to submitting an email address for a free book.

Think of these ideas as a mental checklist to go through before publishing your blog. Remember that your blogs will be out there forever and will be ready to be found in web searches via good SEO.

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