8 Benefits of Your Google My Business Listing

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February 26, 2021
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8 Benefits of Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business

The days of relying on phone books for information are long gone, and most businesses have wisely moved their local marketing efforts online. This transition not only makes your business easier to find during a search but with online directories like Google My Business (GMB), you can connect with prospects that otherwise might not find you.

8 Benefits You Can Enjoy from Your GMB Listing:

  1. Show Up In Google’s Local 3-Pack. What most businesses don’t know is, by creating a free GMB listing, you can greatly elevate your chances of making it onto the highly sought-after local 3-pack list.
  2. Show Up in Google Maps Searches. While a speedy Google search is definitely effective for limiting available options—especially for those searches conducted on a smartphone—most of today’s consumers use Google Maps to locate nearby businesses.
  3. Earn Trust From Customers. One of the easiest ways you can earn trust from potential customers is when they see that your business has an actual location. Because of the confidence and trust most users place in Google, your business benefits whenever it appears in a local search.
  4. Star Ratings Bolster Your Appeal With Customers. With a GMB listing, customers have the ability to review your business and leave feedback for you. Not only will you get honest assessments about what you’re doing right and suggestions about what you could be doing better, but that coveted star rating will appear next to your business on Google.
  5. Learn More About Your Business. From your GMB page, the Insights section will provide a wealth of valuable analytics that shows how visible your brand is and how your target customers engage with your business.
  6. Boost Engagement. GMB listings offer plenty of opportunities for engagement. Prospects can access your website or call you with just one click or tap.
  7. Free Google Advertising. With a GMB listing, you get exposure to the world’s most trusted search engine, and it costs nothing to create, verify, and claim your listing.
  8. Stand Out from Competitors. Your GMB listing displays the important information prospects need to engage with your business and it includes a brief description to help visitors quickly and easily decide if your business is what they’re looking for.

Google My Business Gets Results

Google’s search results are becoming increasingly more robust, and the benefits Google My Business provides local businesses are only expanding.

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