8 Ideas for Sourcing Digital Marketing Content Ideas

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December 27, 2019
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January 15, 2020
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8 Ideas for Sourcing Digital Marketing Content Ideas

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Whether you are creating blogs, social media posts, e-newsletters or e-blasts to market your practice – or a very effective combination of all of these – you need digital marketing content ideas. With 2020 stretching out ahead of you, here are some strategies for topics to keep your content library filled:

  1. Don’t be satisfied with just one idea. Set aside some quiet time to brainstorm topic ideas, but don’t be satisfied with just one. It’s inefficient to dream up topics one at a time. When you’re on a roll, keep researching and accumulating new ideas.
  2. Borrow. Read about your social media followers to see what they’re talking about. Dig into your blog comments Check out the competition – what topics are they hitting? Review their website FAQs for a wealth of ideas.
  3. Ask your followers directly. Throw out a question like “How does your heel pain hamper your daily activities?” and build several blogs out of the replies, for example, “Most common effects of heel pain,” “Home remedies for heel pain” and “Modern technologies to help heel pain.”
  4. Learn from your clients and patients. Be alert to comments and questions that come from your customers. If one person is thinking about a subject, you can bet that others are too.
  5. Let Google do the work. Enter a topic like “distracted driving” and just watch the ideas pop up. Dig beyond the first few pages of search results to benefit from a variety of subjects.
  6. Discuss the news. Has AAA come out with its annual report on drunk driving? Are there legal changes or new medical technology pertinent to your industry? Best of all, is there news about your practice that you would like to share?
  7. Make it personal. Share something about yourself – an experience, a success or a failure – and lessons learned. This type of content puts a face on your business and helps your customers get to know you.
  8. Use prior topics. We don’t want you to republish prior material “as is,” but your previous blogs, e-newsletters and social media posts can be mined for topics to re-use. Just put a new spin on it – for example, instead of “5 Ways to Benefit from Physical Therapy,” redo your piece as “Do’s and Don’ts of Physical Therapy” or “Physical Therapy Myths.”

Have these ideas intrigued you and given you more ideas of your own? If so, sit down right now and begin to generate content topics. You’ll gain peace of mind when you have a library of ideas to back up your e-publishing for several weeks.

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