Attracting Customers to Your Website: Our Top 5 Methods

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December 20, 2017
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January 2, 2018
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Attracting Customers to Your Website: Our Top 5 Methods

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What are the primary drivers behind online service marketing? There’s a sea of information out there, but from our point of view it boils down to these 5 key components:

Blogging. These communications are one of the key drivers to internet traffic. Make sure that you write for your audience and in language that your readers will understand and welcome. Always gear your content towards educating your customers and give them something of value – information! But don’t forget an impactful call to action so your readers will recognize who the subject expert is.

Content marketing. Write all your content, whether blogging, social media, e-newsletters or email, with the goal of being shared and passed on. In other words, market your content. Dial down the technical language and legalese to make your pieces more readable. Great content is one of the primary drivers in search engine optimization. Readers engage more with rich, organic content, and then they will share it.

Social media. Social media is the place to be if you want to grow your practice. It’s a great way to gain exposure for your business, whether you provide services or sell a product. One of the keys to leveraging social media to market your business is to be consistent – post frequently, write with a steady voice and tone and always educate rather than sell. Remember that social media is a relationship-builder, so encourage two-way conversations by joining in and responding to feedback. Persist and always be accessible.

Incorporate video. Put simply, video attracts more readers than plain text. Create a series of online video tutorials on topics that directly relate to your practice. Link videos to relevant content on your website and blog.

Try free offers. Everyone likes to get something for free. Even if you don’t sell actual products, get creative with discounts and free consultations on your services. Provide free e-book or e-brochure downloads for those who sign up via your website.

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