How Can Backlinks Improve Search Engine Rankings for My Practice?

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May 16, 2019
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How Can Backlinks Improve Search Engine Rankings for My Practice?

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Backlinks are important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that work behind the scenes to improve search engine rankings.

What does that mean and why are backlinks important for your online visibility?

How Google Uses Backlinks to Rank Websites in Search Results

Google and other search engines use many elements to rank websites for search results. In fact, Google uses more than 200 different factors!

Backlinks are one of the most influential factors in determining search results rankings. What is a backlink? A link on your website is when you link to another source; a backlink is another website that links from theirs to yours.

In general, the more backlinks you have from other sites linking to yours, the higher your website will be ranked. However, not all backlinks carry the same weight with Google:

  • Quality counts. For example, if you write an article on how to select a walking shoe that is posted on the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) website and that article links back to your practice, this is a higher quality backlink than if your local shoe store links to your business. Google will recognize that the AAPSM link is harder to get and therefore your material is of high-quality.
  • Think relevant. Using a similar example, if the IRS were to link to your website (and we hope that doesn’t happen!), Google will not see the relevance between your businesses and therefore that link has less SEO weight than one from your local shoe store.
  • Quantity matters too, but the links must be natural. Over time, Google weighs how many backlinks you have earned – but they must be natural. Don’t pay other businesses to link back to you – Google won’t like this if they suspect you of this.
  • Domain authority can be significant. Domain authority means how authoritative the website is that contains links to your practice. The more authority the website has (for example, YouTube), the weightier that backlink will be (compared to your local shoe store).

Take Action to Solicit Backlinks From Authoritative Websites

It’s unrealistic to sit back and expect that other websites will find and link to your site, your blogsand e-newsletters. Here are some actions that you can take to bring attention to your quality online material:

  • Try guest blogging on a relevant site. By publishing articles on other websites, you can cement your authority and reputation while creating more exposure.
  • Write a testimonial of a product or service, for example, your latest technology for easing foot pain or your local running shoe store. They will backlink to you.
  • Donate to a relevant non-profit, like your state’s domestic abuse alliance for attorneys who specialize in this service. Ask that your donation be made public and backlink to your business.
  • Ask to be interviewed on new laws in your state or state-of-the-art treatment technology, and make sure the online article links back to you.

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