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The Importance of Blogging

Creating brand awareness is a key step in your digital marketing. As a business owner you want your consumers to recall your business name but also get a general feeling of who you are. What better way to do so than by supplying your target audience with relevant and useful content through consistent blogging.

Why is blogging so important for your business?

  • To date, there are more than 600 million blogs and that number is increasing every day.
  • 46% of people take recommendations from bloggers/vloggers into account.
  • Each month 70 million new posts and about 77 million new comments are produced
  • Businesses that blog produce about 67% more leads per month than business that don’t blog.
  • These blogging statistics show the fierce competition but also the opportunity to become part of this billion-dollar industry. It is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategies to attract new leads. The possibilities to start blogging are endless and there are huge advantages to your business.

    The benefits of Blogging

  • Building a stronger relationship with your existing and potential customers. Your customers can engage with you and get a feeling of who you are.
  • Blogging is also extremely beneficial for Search Engines. Google, Bing, yahoo and all the other search engines love fresh content that is relevant to your business, and blogging is the easiest way to do so.
  • Share your content on social media. This will not only drive more traffic to your website, but you can repurpose your blog content, and it also helps with link building.
  • Overall, the exposure will give you more traffic to your website which then ultimately converts into leads and customers.

    How Blue Orchid Marketing can help you

    Let our Blogging Digital Marketing Agency create custom-written blogs for your website. We provide weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly blogging service whatever fits your budget.

    Our blogging agency will provide an active blog page on your website to build your reputation as an authority and show that you take the time to share your knowledge with others in the online community. Your blogs will also help you to get found in online searches and increase clicks to your website.

    Our expert Blogging Service will create content, add an appropriate image, add keywords for enhanced SEO, and post to your website. We handle this task for you to ensure it gets done on a regularly scheduled basis. If we provide your social media content, we’ll also post a link on social media to expand the readership of your blog.

    When it comes to blogging marketing and blogging advertising, our highly effective team of Digital Marketing experts is the one to call. We do all the work; you get all the glory!

    It is predicted that content marketing is going to be an industry that is worth almost $413 billion. Become part of it and get yourself a little piece of the pie. Call Blue Orchid Marketing today for a free consultation.