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As the popularity of social media continues to grow, direct mail marketing is still an evolving and efficient tool to help small businesses generate revenue. Many digital marketing professionals want people to believe direct mail is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Direct mail remains one of the most successful marketing strategies to engage with your customer demographic.

The best way to promote your brand is to implement a multichannel approach to reach a lot of customers. Direct mail can inspire prospects to engage with brands on other platforms. It drove over 90% of customers to learn more about a business online, pushing 87% to complete online purchases.

Here are three reasons why direct mail is thriving:

  1. There is less competition: As small businesses test different forms of advertising, direct mail is slowly declining. The USPS recorded a direct mail marketing volume of 66.2 billion pieces in 2021 after peaking in 2007. Consumers receive less direct mail as more companies switch to digital marketing strategies, meaning your message can take the spotlight.
  2. Direct mail helps combat digital overload: According to research conducted by Vision Direct, the average American spends 44 years of their life in front of some type of screen. Each day, people spend an average of four and a half hours staring at a TV screen, four and a half hours on their smartphone, more than three hours gaming, and five hours glued to a laptop. With the pandemic, many people were forced to work from home. Meetings morphed into Zoom calls, and people’s time staring at a screen skyrocketed. Direct mail can help relieve “Zoom fatigue” by forcing people away from their screens and providing a physical experience that customers welcome.
  3. Businesses can take advantage of unique discounts: Direct mailers let businesses enjoy discounts offered by the USPS. They offer various discounts for companies that utilize evolving technology to boost the impact of their direct mail.

If you eliminated direct mail marketing from your strategies, it’s time to revive it and make it a key component of your plan going forward.

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