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With all the holiday commotion, it’s easy to forget about Thanksgiving email campaigns. Through creating hundreds of holiday emails for our clients, we’ve found that they present the perfect opportunity to:

  1. Express gratitude to your patients.
  2. Generate goodwill by positioning your brand in a positive light.
  3. Boost sales.
  4. Build a deeper connection with subscribers by showing your practice’s fun, human side.

Like with most content and email marketing, your Thanksgiving emails aim to provide value to patients and prospects in exchange for the opportunity to promote your practice.

To produce effective holiday emails, start by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. What aspects of my practice do I want to promote?
  2. How can I help my audience enjoy a better Thanksgiving?
  3. How can I combine the two most effectively?

Let’s dive into some Thanksgiving email marketing strategies to boost your bottom line.

  1. Create organic promotional campaigns. When creating campaigns for any holiday, the first question you should ask is, What’s my practice’s relationship to the holiday? Thanksgiving lets you deepen your relationship with your subscribers by facilitating their holiday experience while promoting any specials you offer. If your practice doesn’t have any organic significance to Thanksgiving, you’ll need to come up with alternate ways to facilitate the holiday experience or send a non-promotional email.
  2. Celebrate Thanksgiving in a non-promotional way. While you may not warm up to the idea of spending time on an email campaign that won’t create revenue, consider two points: 1) You can never misjudge the power of non-promotional emails. They will help deepen your connection to your subscribers and create positive associations with your practice. 2) Many non-promotional emails we’ve generated for clients have still generated sales.

Emails that just wish subscribers a happy holiday can be boring and unimaginative. Here are three email ideas to use instead:

  1. The Storytelling Email: This is a great way to capture and entertain their attention. The goal is to tell a short story that joins the positive experiences and emotions of the holiday to your practice.
  2. The Helpful Email: Your subscribers will appreciate that you put effort into sharing something that helps them instead of just trying to make money off of them.
  3. The Gratitude Email: Thanksgiving is dedicated to conveying gratitude; your subscribers/patients are why your practice exists. Celebrate that by sending them an email communicating your gratitude for their support.


  1. Tap into the feeling of generosity. Thanksgiving is about being generous and expressing gratitude. Tap into that spirit by gifting your subscribers something to be thankful for, such as a gift (discount) or a special offer.

Many of these Thanksgiving email strategies can be combined. Blue Orchid Marketing can brainstorm ideas using each strategy and match the ones that work well for your practice. Call us at 203-746-5901 or email us at today to schedule a consultation to discuss our digital marketing services.