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Today your reputation largely depends on online review sites and social media. For example, consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before trusting trust a local business.

Because brand image makes such a big impression on a person’s decision to buy or visit your practice, you must consistently monitor your online reputation. But it can feel like a daunting task, especially when most of it is beyond your control.

Luckily, there are plenty of strategies and tools you can utilize to ensure you’re protecting your brand. In this post, we’re sharing 5 brand reputation management best practices to use as a guideline.

  1. Improve customer experience. Online brand reputation management won’t be effective if your business has customer experience shortcomings. The best way to avoid most problems is to create a stellar customer experience.

You can accomplish this by:

  • Selling amazing services and products
  • Enabling easy, seamless transactions
  • Providing stellar customer support
  • Making refunds and returns easy.

With so many businesses to choose from, people will remember that one that went the extra mile.

  1. Monitor your brand mentions. Media mentions are great, but they can also be a disaster if they connect your brand to a negative news article, an unfavorable competitor comparison, or a crisis. So, constant monitoring is a crucial component of an effective brand reputation management strategy.
  2. Handle customer reviews professionally. Most consumers (84%) research online reviews before making a purchase. So, it’s vital to handle them quickly and correctly. While responding to customer reviews may seem easy, it requires a lot of thought. If a customer complains, your first thought may be to take it personally and vehemently defend yourself. But don’t respond angrily or you’ll add credibility to the criticism. Instead, let the individual know you hear them and want to make things right.
  3. Engage on social media. These platforms are priceless to online brand reputation management not just because they let you engage with consumers but also because they rank extremely well in Google. While there are dozens of platforms to choose from, your business needs a social media presence at least on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  1. Invest in online reputation management strategies. Really effective online reputation management isn’t simply about reacting to poor reviews and viral news cycles. A great strategy builds a stronghold around your brand image to defend it for the long term.

Brand reputation management takes time, so the time to start is today. It requires resources and an all-inclusive strategy with expert deployment.

At Blue Orchid Marketing, we work in close partnership with you to create an accurate, favorable story that represents your business and legacy. Contact us today to take control of your reputation and protect your brand. Give us a call at 203-746-5901 or email us at to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help coordinate your PPC advertising campaigns for maximum results.