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Finding new patients for your medical practice can be as easy as observing where consumers spend the most time. That’s why you’ve been told that your practice needs to remain active on social media for years.

But not every practice is successful in this approach. Some never utilize the proper strategy, and others halt their efforts too quickly, believing it “just doesn’t work” for their practice.

Here are 6 key tips to help your Practice be successful with Social Media:

  1. Utilize video. Social content marketing is a competition for attention. People tend to scroll quickly and stop only when content catches their eye. Video is one of the most effective ways for people to stop scrolling and view your content.


  1. Don’t get fixed on followers. Social media platform algorithms have restricted how much brand content users see, meaning that even if you have a million followers, only a handful can view your post. The primary objective of medical practices should be to engage with and educate potential patients.


  1. Focus on doing one platform well. Many practices overextend themselves by posting on too many channels, which makes it difficult to create the discipline to post new content consistently. Determine which platform is most applicable to the patients you’re pursuing and start by doing that one effectively. When you’ve maintained a consistent schedule and engaged regularly, it’s time to expand into a new channel. Consistency builds results.


  1. Create a strategy you can implement. One of the simplest ways to start your content strategy is to begin with a few content themes you can regularly create content about. For instance, most medical practices have content pillars for conditions that patients are actively researching, treatment options you offer, and your opinion on patient care.


  1. Participate in paid advertising. In a pay-to-play scenario, you need to allocate, at a minimum, a small budget toward targeted paid advertising. This will guarantee that your content reaches the right prospective patients. It allows you to target interests, behaviors, and specific ages, indicating that someone might seek treatment.


  1. Measure everything. The most important tracking standard is how you measure the impact of your social media marketing. You should measure office visits and phone calls, but your objectives must include brand reputation and patient education.

As you can see from these tips, social media doesn’t need to be difficult. Many practices overcomplicate social media marketing by posting on too many platforms or focusing on the wrong metrics.

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