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Have you ever intently watched the trio of grey dots in the messaging window while waiting for a reply? If so, you’re already acquainted with SMS (short message service). SMS marketing is a technique that utilizes text messages to engage customers and prospects and boost sales. It’s a low-cost marketing channel with a good ROI, and customers love it. Following are 7 reasons why!

7 Benefits of SMS Marketing

1-Customizable: SMS marketing lets you communicate with customers based on known preferences, such as how they prefer to be contacted, the kinds of communications they favor, and even how often you contact them. The more you personalize your messages to their preferences, the better their experience will be.

2-Versatile: SMS marketing provides unlimited options in a short, 160-character container. When you begin considering concepts, the possibilities for engaging customers with SMS marketing are limitless.

3-Little Competition: Despite the universal use of text messaging, most businesses do not utilize it as a marketing medium. The environment is much less crowded than other platforms, such as email, which makes it easier to stand out. It means you also have less competitive attention than in their inbox.

4-No-Party Data: Today’s consumers are worried about their privacy, and marketers have been challenged to adjust to new restrictions on data exchange. SMS marketing offers a great opportunity to collect information that a consumer has willingly shared with a brand that you can use to provide a customized experience.

5-Data Friendly: This type of marketing allows you to gather a large amount of behavioral data, such as communication preferences and what kinds of messages customers read and click on. This helps you tweak future messaging to improve your performance.

6-Cost-Effective: Because these campaigns are adjustable and adaptable, they can produce a considerably larger ROI. And because of the available data, you’ll have a more detailed picture of each campaign’s performance.

7-Appealing: Customers prefer marketing messages via SMS, especially when personalized. When a consumer provides you with their mobile number, it’s a sign of confidence. When you utilize SMS marketing properly, it’s a valuable opportunity to boost brand loyalty.

SMS texting is difficult to beat as a low-risk, low-cost marketing tool due to its convenience and ease of use. Blue Orchid Marketing can create an SMS Marketing campaign that will keep you top of mind with customers and prospects. We know how and when to contact them when and how they’re most open to it.

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