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In the past several years, social media has enjoyed tremendous growth and successfully infiltrated the online consciousness of internet users worldwide. As a result, social media marketing has become so vital that businesses are planning and strategizing on it more and more to exploit it to their business’s profitability.

Here we list the top 7 benefits of social media marketing for small businesses.

  1. Validates Your Brand: Customers often conduct online searches about a brand. The same information posted on social media validates a company’s product and services, leading to brand legitimization.
  1. Boosts Sales: As more people engage with your brand, more successful opportunities for sales will follow. More sharing, likes, or endorsements of content occurs on various social platforms, leading to increased sales.
  1. Increases SEO Ranking and Website Traffic: Over 80% of marketers say that increased social media presence results in increased website traffic. It is not surprising, given that over 70% of adults spend a great deal of time on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  1. Elevates Brand Awareness: Using social media is an extremely low-cost and highly effective way to elevate brand awareness and create new customers. It can quickly boost brand awareness and leave an imprint on the minds of customers and prospects.
  1. Enhances Content Marketing: Distributing content on your business has become easier and faster via various social media platforms. However, while sharing your content on social media platforms, you must ensure that the social content is not only in alignment with your brand, but also rouses the customer’s attention and interest.
  1. Provides Better Audience Understanding: Social media makes it easy for any business to become familiar with its audience and connect with them. You can easily learn about their demographics and use the information when designing campaigns and making relevant product offers. It provides a higher ROI.
  1. Maximum Lead Generation at Minimum Cost: The social media cost per lead generation amount is just about a fraction of the cost using traditional means like radio, commercials, or newspapers.

There is a myth that social media marketing only works for larger companies, not startups or small businesses, which discourages some from using it effectively. However, any business can benefit from connecting with its customers on social media. And it’s even more beneficial for smaller businesses, as they have less money to invest in advertising and marketing.

Many businesses hire a professional marketing company to handle their social media marketing strategies for the best results. At Blue Orchid Marketing, we help with every aspect of your marketing to grow your business, including Direct Mail Marketing, a blogging program, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, website design or any other marketing tools.

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