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Rivalry for user attention is increasing as companies take advantage of fresh, new ways to market and share ideas online. While solid search engine optimization helps attract customers, if what visitors find is uninteresting, they’re not going to stay on the site. And in addition to affecting your bottom line, bounce rates can hurt your SEO.

So how can you make your site memorable while engaging prospects or customers simultaneously?

  1. Take a distinctive stand. Create content that takes a different perspective on a topic that hits home with your intended audience. Unique opinions or points of view on important topics with a lot of supporting information tend to have higher engagement rates.
  2. Share metrics and examples. Provide prospects with detailed examples of some work you have done and what the results are. The more direct and specific you are, the faster you can determine what the client is seeking and plan a creative way to help them achieve that goal.
  3. Keep your content fresh. Your website is a great place to highlight your best work and demonstrate your problem-solving skills and creative capabilities. To be more direct, host a blog with opinions from your colleagues on issues within your industry.
  1. Use creative bios. Your prospects want to know who they’ll work with, so be creative when creating employee bios. Reveal what makes you unique. Tell a story and an image with more personality than your typical headshot.
  2. Offer a free report. Sites that offer a free report as a takeaway item are an easy and effective way to distinguish your online experience and deliver value to prospects.
  3. Showcase video. A quick video introducing your business is a great way to differentiate your website. It can give your brand a personality and make you instantly relatable to prospects.
  4. Make it all about your visitors.  Communicate the value of your products and services to resonate with visitors to your website. For example, use success stories, case studies, and include examples of how you helped solve your customers’ problems.
  5. Don’t use stock photos. Forget about stock photos and capture the real heart of your company by taking and posting original photos.
  1. Adjust your navigation titles and menus. Break out of the mold by giving your navigation titles a unique spin. This change can help your customers and prospects better understand your brand’s value.

Many businesses hire a professional marketing company to design their website for the best results. At Blue Orchid Marketing, we help with every aspect of your marketing to grow your business, including Direct Mail Marketing, a blogging programReputation ManagementEmail Marketing, or other marketing tools.

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