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Are You Making These Hashtag Mistakes?

As business owners, we all appreciate how TikTok provides valuable features for entrepreneurs and its users to promote their brands and enjoy considerable visibility. And hashtags are one of those great features that help business owners get discovered. Want to know if you’re using hashtags correctly? Read on to learn more about the brands’ most common mistakes when using hashtags.

When used correctly, hashtags can help your videos go viral and collect many views and, possibly, followers. But on the other hand, it’s easy to misuse hashtags, which will affect your growth on TikTok.

Here are some TikTok hashtag mistakes you should avoid:


  1. Using irrelevant hashtags. Not all trending hashtags are important to your business. While you’re working toward a significant reach, utilizing irrelevant hashtags will negatively impact your growth. These extraneous hashtags will attract audiences who are not interested in your offer, resulting in a high bounce rate. A simple way to avoid these is to run thorough checks on your competitor’s community to see which hashtags work for them.


  1. Using too many hashtags. Using multiple hashtags may look great, but it doesn’t mean they always work. Using too many hashtags causes confusion and prevents your perfect audience from finding you. Typically, it’s best to use 4 to 5 niche-based, community-based, and trending hashtags.


  1. Not using industry-specific hashtags. Trending hashtags are always the most popular ones on TikTok. But some marketers limit their content to just those popular hashtags, which undermines the impact of hashtags that are community centered. So, be sure to use hashtags that other businesses in your industry use to reach your target audience.


  1. Using only hashtags that are trending. Think about it – as a local business, why would you limit yourself to trending hashtags? While it’s easy to feel like you must use only hashtags that are trending, they may limit the chances for your desired audience to find you. Instead, utilize a mix of trending hashtags and those related to your brand.


  1. Not using trending hashtags. Likewise, ignoring trending hashtags will not help your content on TikTok. Even though the trending hashtag doesn’t directly connect with your market, you can strategically create content around it. When doing so, keep in mind that hashtags also control the trends on social media platforms.


  1. Not using hashtags that are locally connected. Why would any brand ignore hashtags that are familiar to your immediate community? You want prospects in your neighborhood to be able to reach out to you. And if your business maintains a physical location, you will benefit greatly when including local hashtags.


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