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Every business has a story to tell, and it should tell it to as many people as possible. Telling your company’s story creates a connection between the company and its customers and prospects. In addition, research indicates that people connect with a brand because of their storytelling and because they share similar personalities or values.

So, what is a brand? It’s the way people recognize your company apart from your competitors. It involves anything that comes to mind when they hear your company name, such as logos and colors, function, or how they would describe it when speaking to a friend.

To ensure you provide customers with a true picture of your business, here are 5 tips to help tell your brand’s story.

  1. Identify your mission and values. Before you begin creating your brand’s story, you must ensure you’re clear about what you stand for. It should be known throughout your company, so there is no discrepancy when communicating with others. In addition, ensure you are clear on what message you want to deliver in your brand’s story.

After identifying this, create a mission statement discussing where you want your business to go in the future. It can be a vision statement included in your brand’s story. Once you have clearly stated this, you’re ready to move to the next step.

  1. Determine your brand’s voice. Every brand needs to have an established personality consistent with its mission and values. Decide on a tone and a voice that will matter to your customers while remaining authentic. List some adjectives describing how you want your company to be perceived. Then use it to create a way of interacting with others, and you’ll have a brand voice.
  1. Follow a structure. Start by discussing how the company got its start. After describing a conflict, talk about the resolution. Don’t be afraid to talk about the mistakes and challenges the business may have faced in the past. How did you overcome those mistakes and challenges? How did they make you a better company? Be sure to communicate your mission and values through this story.  
  1. Include your customers and prospects in your story. When composing your story, you should consider how your customers and prospects fit into it. You can accomplish this by sharing exactly what you can do for them and what they can do for you, thereby creating a mutual relationship. Focus on their pain points and provide solutions. This should be included in all your marketing strategies. 
  1. Keep it simple. Storytelling is the best way to get people’s attention, but it’s still best to keep it simple. Provide one focus and one subject. Don’t include too many side notes or details, as it will only create confusion. Stick to the point so it will be easier to digest and will create an emotional connection with the brand and your customers.

Your brand’s story will become your company’s and your brand’s backbone. It will guide you through anything your company does and help keep your team members on the same page. If you keep these steps in mind, you can develop an impressive brand story.

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