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It’s time to put 2021 behind us and usher in 2022. And what better way to reflect on the last year and begin thinking of ways to make some positive changes for the upcoming year than by making resolutions. To position you for success next year, we’re sharing some achievable resolutions for marketers to make in 2022.

Achievable Resolutions

  1. Laser focus on the user experience. Concentrating on user experience means maintaining a deep understanding of the user’s abilities, limitations, expectations, and needs. To improve your user’s customer experience and keep people engaged on your site, you’ll need a website that’s easy to use, navigable, accessible, credible, aesthetically pleasing, and original.
  2. Stay social. Seeing as half of the world uses social media, it’s wise to include social media in your marketing plan. Social media can help build your brand, develop a loyal customer base, and help your business be seen by a larger audience…when done correctly!
  3. Utilize paid media. In view of today’s jam-packed media landscape, organic awareness simply isn’t enough anymore. With paid media, you can immediately reach a wider portion of your target audience. And it’s a great opportunity to introduce your product and brand to a fresh audience before your competitors do.
  4. Stay current on the marketing advances. The most effective way to keep up in the ever-changing world of digital marketing is to put aside time each week to conduct industry research. Schedule 30+ minutes a week and dedicate it to industry research by reading industry newsletters, listening to industry podcasts, or reading up on your favorite blogs.
  5. Improve your visual content and design. One of the biggest business challenges for 2022 is the battle to stand out and compete with businesses that utilize the same methods. Using eye-catching visual content and high-quality images is important when it comes to engaging with your audience.
  6. Create better quality content. Next year, instead of creating more content, focus on writing better content! Google ranks pages based on user experience, but also using existing search signals, meaning relevant content, is still key.
  7. Try new strategies and trends. This year has been a fitting example of how people can change the way they ingest media. To accommodate these changes in 2022 try including any new digital trendsthat arise in your strategy.
  8. Shake up your digital content. You can take your business out of its comfort zone and begin experimenting with new content channels, like checklists or video, to determine what content methods generate the most leads and what your audience responds to.
  9. Have a contingency marketing strategy. One thing the pandemic showed us is how crucial it is to prepare for the unexpected. Creating a contingency marketing plan is helpful in such situations, so instead of brainstorming solutions, you’ll have a plan ready to execute when and if you need it.

Make Resolutions Stick

New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to stick to, so why not let us be your accountability partner? We’ll help you create and execute a marketing strategy that can take your business to the next level in the coming year.

We can help you with Direct Mail Campaigns,  Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Reputation ManagementEmail Marketing, a blogging program – or any other marketing tools. So, give us a call today at 203-746-5901 or send us an email to to get started.