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When you buy a sandwich, you don’t really have to wonder where your money is going. Yes, we know that Blue Orchid Marketing is not a big player in the sandwich game. Bear with us:

When you buy your sandwich of choice, you pay the person at the counter, they make it in front of you with ingredients you’re familiar with, and you pay the price listed. Sure, you might not be pleased with the sandwich or the price, but at least you know pretty clearly what your money is paying for. In other words, the price-to-value ratio is pretty self-evident, whether you think the sandwich was worth it or not.

Obviously, digital marketing services work a little differently. They’re deeply valuable, perhaps even necessary in certain fields. Nonetheless, clients of digital marketing firms often voice concerns about the effectiveness or transparency of their campaigns. And when clients have concerns, you need to know how to address them. Promptly.

This blog will help with that. Below, we’re going to cover some of the most frequently cited complaints in the digital marketing world and then offer a few options for resolving them effectively.

1.) Lack of Clear Communication and Reporting:

  1. Clients crave transparency. A 2023 study by TrustRadius found that 87% of B2B buyers say clear communication from vendors is critical throughout the process.
  2. Solution: Regular and clear communication is paramount. Establish a communication cadence that works for both parties. Weekly or bi-weekly reports with easy-to-understand metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions) and key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to the client’s goals keep them informed and engaged.

2.) Unrealistic Expectations and Misalignment of Goals:

  1. Sometimes, a disconnect exists between what clients expect and what digital marketing can realistically deliver.
  2. A recent Moz study revealed that 53% of marketers struggle to set clear SEO goals.
  3. Solution: During the onboarding process, invest time in truly understanding the client’s business objectives and target audience. Educate them on realistic timelines and the iterative nature of successful digital marketing campaigns.

3.) Feeling Lost in the Data Deluge:

  1. Data is crucial for campaign optimization, but an overwhelming amount can be counterproductive.
  2. Solution: Focus on presenting actionable insights, not just raw data. Highlight trends, identify areas for improvement, and tailor recommendations to the client’s specific needs. Visualizations like charts and graphs can make complex data easier to digest.

4.) Misattribution and Difficulty Measuring ROI:

  1. Clients need to understand the return on investment (ROI) their marketing dollars are generating.
  2. However, digital marketing often touches multiple channels, making attribution challenging.
  3. Solution: Utilize UTM parameters and website analytics tools to track campaign performance across different channels. While attribution models might not pinpoint the exact source of every conversion, they provide valuable insights into customer journeys and campaign effectiveness.

There you have it: The most frequent complaints heard by OTHER digital marketing agencies (obviously, the team at Blue Orchid Marketing found out about them from friends). We hope the solutions we’ve included help you act quickly and precisely to address any client concerns, and we wish you all the best in future campaigns to come!

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