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Social Media

As you know, the marketing world is full of uncertainties. But there are some social media trends you can depend on during the next 12 months. So, let’s dive into some that are most likely to have an impact on your business.

    1. Video marketing will continue to dominate. 

    For years, you’ve probably heard that video is the No. 1 content format that your brand needs to leverage. This will still be the case this year, but it will be the unpolished, scrappy clips that attract viewers. Brands will ditch high-budget campaigns that feature celebrities and will instead rely on a cell phone to record and edit their content.

    1. Brands will take advantage of developing social platforms.

    One of the exciting nuances of social media marketing is that it’s all about experimenting. If you don’t try new platforms, new trends, or new formats, you’re taking your brand out of the loop. With the continuing success of new platforms, brands will become more confident in trying new options.

    1. Businesses will invest more in advertising on TikTok.

    As a comparatively new platform, TikTok is enjoying tremendous results. They are the world’s fastest-growing media app, boasting nearly 30 million daily active users globally. So, it’s no surprise that brands are beginning to explore their potential in generating brand awareness and contributing to the bottom line.

    1. “Customer influencer” popularity will rise even more.

    Like it or not, data has shown that influencer marketing will keep playing an essential role in marketing campaigns. Authenticity has become a powerful force with customers, but brands don’t always need to pay out of pocket to impact their KPIs. This year we’ll see more brands welcome word-of-mouth marketing, utilizing social media to obtain user-generated content from customers.

    1. Customers will turn to social media for their service-related matters.

    While customer care has always been a part of social media marketing, in the past, it has remained in the shadows. But with the pandemic, the invisible cloak was lifted as brands realized they were not equipped to meet customer expectations without an effective social customer care strategy. Brands will increasingly witness more customers turning to social media platforms for service-related matters.

If you want to be successful this year, you’ll have to roll with these social media trends rather than fight against them. Businesses have plenty of opportunities to make their mark this year. It’s truly an exciting time to be a marketer!

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