Blue Orchid Marketing’s Best 2019 Blogs

December 2019
December 20, 2019
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December 27, 2019
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Blue Orchid Marketing’s Best 2019 Blogs


We have been pleased to present what we hope was valuable information in our 2019 weekly blogs. With topics as varied as social media, drip email campaigns, reputation management, blogging and e-newsletters, we are delighted to share our digital marketing experience and expertise.

In fact, we have built up such an amazing library of topics this year that we thought that a second look would be a good idea. So this blog highlights blogs from the past year in the hopes that you will enjoy a second read or maybe catch something that you missed the first time!

Best 2019 Blogs

Smippets. We even coined a new word this year – a “smippet” is a snippet, or fragment, of social media news. In our smippet blogs, we shared how organizations as varied as collegiate sports, Tesla vehicles and an Arizona fire department ramped up their social media efforts to become leaders in their fields.

Drip email campaigns. We ran a series of blogs about drip campaigns, which are still a very effective way to get your brand name in front of an audience. Interested? Learn more about drip campaigns including how to collect email addresses, segmenting your contacts for more targeted mailings, how to come up with topics and where you can get an extra pair of hands to help with hardcopy mailings.

Blogging. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks about how to make your practice’s blogs more effective. From creating a catchy blog title, to guest blogging and reusing blog content, we are the experts on how blogs provide value, display your expertise and boost your online visibility. We’d be happy to create unique, practice-specific blogs for your business – just contact us to get started!

Other services. We love to educate and share our knowledge with our readers. Many of our topics highlight our services – here is just a sample: reputation management and managing your online reviews, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design and making your website user-friendly, and how to increase your e-newsletter read rates.

We can hardly wait to see what fun and informative topics we share in 2020!

Wishing you and your families a healthy and Happy New Year!

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