drip campaigns

April 3, 2019

Don’t Hesitate To Market Your Practice via Hardcopy Letters – Let Our Virtual Assistants Do It for You!

If you use drip email campaigns, a very effective and cost-saving marketing tool, how can you touch those without email addresses? Individuals in the above groups such as low-income individuals or the elderly may form a significant part of your practice.
March 28, 2019

Drip Email Marketing Campaigns: Choosing Topics and Timing

As we continue our series on drip email marketing campaigns, we hope you are enjoying learning about this very effective marketing tool and the benefits your practice can realize.
March 22, 2019

Drip Email Marketing Campaigns: Segment Your Contact List for Greatest Impact

Market segmentation is the practice of identifying contact groups by common needs. For a legal practice, typical segment groups may be individuals who have been injured in a car accident or those who have been denied Social Security Disability benefits.
February 15, 2018

Don’t Overlook These Effective Digital Marketing Tools

In the past few weeks, we’ve give you some practical solutions to start your marketing year off right. Digital marketing techniques like blogging, social media postings […]
February 2, 2018

Add Email Drip Campaigns to Your 2018 Marketing Plan

If you are not utilizing targeted email campaigns as part of your marketing plan, then you are missing out on a valuable and cost-effective marketing tool. […]
March 30, 2016

Make Email Drip Campaigns Work for Your Practice

Sending targeted emails as part of a email marketing campaign is just about the perfect marketing tool. Why? It’s quick, it’s electronic, it’s personally addressed to […]
December 22, 2015

Enhance Your Contact List with Segmentation

You may think that the most valuable tools in your marketing toolkit are your practice’s website, your marketing software programs or your latest e-brochure. But what […]
December 17, 2015

No Email? Use Traditional Marketing Techniques

If you’re like most small businesses, a big percentage of your marketing budget is devoted to e-marketing. And that’s important just to stay competitive in today’s […]
November 19, 2015

Don’t Let Your Practice Be Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Do you want to be “top of mind” with your current and potential customers? Or are you going to let your marketing efforts slacken off so […]