How COVID-19 is Affecting Healthcare SEO

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How Social Media Impacts Your SEO
September 3, 2020
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How COVID-19 is Affecting Healthcare SEO


As we all acclimate to this “new normal” in the Coronavirus outbreak’s wake, its effects have reached further than your shopping habits. COVID-19 has had a severe impact on the search behavior of consumers. One industry that has seen a noteworthy impact on SEO is the Healthcare Industry.

Keep These Noticeable Changes on Your Radar

User Behavior: One noteworthy impact is the number of people working from home due to quarantine restrictions, which has increased the volume of desktop vs. mobile traffic. This move means companies should anticipate an increase in the amount of time spent on their website vs. mobile websites. If you haven’t already done so, it’s also recommended each healthcare provider include a page on their website communicating their response to the COVID-19 outbreak within their office.

Increased Dependence on Social Media: Another platform being used more often by consumers is Google My Business and social media. That’s why it’s so important healthcare providers update their profiles on Google My Business to provide their closing information and updated hours. Facebook can also be another platform to provide information related to COVID-19 and to share any content from your website.

COVID-19 and E-A-T Scores: Google’s growing desire to provide quality information related to the pandemic has resulted in elevated scrutiny toward those sites not following the E.A.T. (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) guidelines. Their aim is to combat propaganda online by displaying those results that have the best possible E-A-T scores on their topic.

It is especially true for any healthcare industry site whose focus is on “your money, your life” search inquiries that can impact a searcher’s overall health. And based on Google’s analysis, the surge of COVID-19 search queries has led to an interesting modification in rankings.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, now is the time to utilize your SEO platform to its maximum potential.  As we ride out changes in consumer behavior and shifts in demand, a strong SEO strategy will help you respond effectively and plan for post-pandemic success.

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