COVID-19 and Communications Your Contacts Need You!

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March 4, 2020
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April 2, 2020
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COVID-19 and Communications Your Contacts Need You!


We are living in unprecedented turbulent times. Fear of the unknown is powerful and palpable. Our instincts tell us to withdraw, lock the door, pull the shades.

It is critical — now, more than ever — to stay connected to those you serve. Your clients and patients are looking for reassurance from an authority figure… someone they know and respect and trust. YOU should be that voice of reason.

Stay connected with your contacts every week. Come up with alternative ideas to maintain social distance while continuing to provide your valuable service:

  • Give them updates of how they can reach you in new ways
  • Let them know precautions you are taking on their behalf
  • Arrange for telemeetings to reduce face-to-face contact
  • Skip the waiting room – have your contacts shown directly to a conference room or examination room
  • When you do meet in person, allow more time between appointments to reduce the number of people arriving at one time
  • Provide tips on dealing with anxiety, activities to do at home

Your services are still needed. Many people feel alone and isolated. Stay connected to let everyone know you are there to help. Provide messages that instill calm and reassurance at this anxious time.

At Blue Orchid, all of us are here for YOU. We are offering a series of weekly eblasts you can send to your contacts to stay connected. Give us a call to get started.

We wish you and yours good health in the months ahead as we weather this storm together.

Stay safe,

Anil Malik, President
Sandie Wike, Executive VP
and Your Blue Orchid Marketing Team