Crafting Effective Call to Action Phrases

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September 14, 2017
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Crafting Effective Call to Action Phrases

The best online marketing content, whether a blog, website, social media post or e-newsletter, will have an effective call to action (CTA). A call to action is just what it says – a word or phrase that spurs the reader to take some action. The action is something that you choose so the reader will be persuaded to engage your services.

Here are a few actions that you may ask your readers to do:

  • Sign up for your newsletter.
  • Visit your website for more information on a related topic.
  • Watch a video.
  • Share or like a social media post.
  • Call your office to make an appointment.


The CTA can appear anywhere in your content, although traditionally it has been inserted at the end of the piece.

Don’t Neglect Calls to Action

Isn’t a CTA the whole point of marketing content? Your blog or social media posting may educate or entertain your readers, but in the end you want them to enlist your services or purchase your products.

Content connects you with your customers and creates brand awareness. Design your CTA in line with what you want to achieve with your blog. If you want potential clients and patients to call for an appointment, include your telephone number and a link to the “Contact Us” landing page on your website. If you want readers to attend your informational seminar, make sure you give them a link to the “Sign Up” page.

Use Power Words and Phrases

Begin with a positive, action verb like:

  • Grow
  • Build
  • Call
  • Discover
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Learn
  • Join


You can also respond to a worry or fear that readers may have:

  • Worried about …?
  • In pain with …?
  • Confused by …?


Include words that create a sense of urgency:

  • Limited offer
  • Last chance
  • Offer ends this month
  • While supplies last


Effective CTA Examples

  • Sign up now! Only 4 spots left.
  • Click here for effective solutions.
  • Call today to relieve your foot pain.
  • Join our email list for free daily legal tips.
  • Grow your business with our effective marketing solutions.


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