Direct Mail Isn’t Dead! Here’s Why

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August 11, 2020
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Direct Mail Isn’t Dead! Here’s Why

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Direct mail still has relevance in this age of digital marketing. The thought is that if most people are spending their time online, it would make more sense to advertise there. But today we’re sharing some reasons why direct mail is still so relevant in today’s digital world.

The USPS reports that total mail volume has declined by nearly 30% since 2006. That doesn’t mean direct mail is declining. While there are numerous reasons for the decline, the fact that there are fewer pieces of mail in mailboxes is a positive thing for today’s marketers. Less clutter equals more opportunity to stand out and less competition for attention.

Here are some main reasons it is still so popular.

  • Personal: Personalization isn’t just something you can do digitally – it also works for mail. Personalizing your message to certain customers makes your mail piece more appealing.
  • Engaging: Because people spend more time with printed materials than they do digital, they react to them differently. Studies show that holding a physical mail piece activates attraction and improves a prospect’s perception of your brand.
  • Memorable: Research shows that brands that advertise with direct mail make a better impression on customers and are more likely to be remembered.
  • Trustworthy: Research indicates that consumers are more likely to trust a printed piece and the companies that utilize it over anything digital.
  • Tangible: You can hold it in your hands and people like that. You can use special coatings, magnets, games, papers, and other interactive elements to grab your audience’s attention right when they receive it.
  • Gets Attention: Less mail means prospects are more likely to take the time to read your mail piece. And when consumers are giving your business their full attention, chances are better that they’ll notice your offer and promptly take advantage of it.

Let Blue Orchid Marketing Design a Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail remains one of the best ways to get your message in front of your prospects. It provides response rates that are much better than even the most successful online advertising. Your business also doesn’t have to compete for valuable attention in a chaotic online world. In addition, direct mail enhances the effectiveness of your other marketing channels by offering extensive customized options to connect with your prospects.

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