Don’t Go It Alone! Let Our Reputation Management System Manage Your Online Reviews

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Don’t Go It Alone! Let Our Reputation Management System Manage Your Online Reviews

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Are you keeping up with your practice’s online reputation? Do you or your staff have time for this?

You may not be aware of it, but patients or clients are leaving reviews online about your services. In your personal life, you have probably used an online business directory like Yelp, Google My Business or Angie’s List to locate professional services for you or your family. Have you left reviews there?

Take a moment to locate your practice on these business directories – it’s there whether you have authorized it or not.

Try Our Automated Reputation Management System

In a perfect world, you would have a staff member whose job includes daily monitoring of these review sites and replying to both positive and not-so-rosy comments and questions. But your team is far too busy providing expert services to your customers.

We have the perfect solution for you – our automated reputation management system!  Here’s how it works:

  • Our system sends an automatically-generated text or email review request to your clients or patients. This will grow the number of reviews that you can display.
  • You will receive a notification each time a review hits your site as well as regular reports on your review status.
  • Our system can automatically add reviews to your website. This will boost your search engine optimization by keeping content current!

About negative reviews – we encourage you to address these wherever they are posted. Showing readers that you care about what your patients or clients have experienced is important, as is stating in public what you will do to fix the problem. For example, if a patient was unhappy with a customer service encounter, answer the post publicly with a quick apology and an offer to discuss it personally by phone. By showing that you care, you will be turning a negative into a positive.

Ask Us About Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Blue Orchid Marketing offers custom-written marketing elements designed to increase your bottom line.  We also focus on external marketing by placing your practice on more than 70 local online directories and writing weekly custom blogs and social media posts to ensure your practice is found in internet searches.  That’s more than 40 posts a month… a service you need to stay competitive!

Need a website?  Live chat?  Ad-words?  We have the solution!

To learn how our internal marketing solutions can put money in your pocket and our internet presence solutions and websites can help you to attract new patients and clients, please call us at 203-746-5901 – ask for Danny – or send an email to We’ll create a package that’s right for you!